laura here ! i never really know what to write in the description but it looks pretty with this theme so here we go. i'm from brazil and on tumblr for like 3 years. this is a multifandom blog (it started as a tvd blog and look where i am now) . i'll post whatever here, mostly about series but i do like to reblog funny stuff , i'm up for anything that appears on my dash! If you would like to talk about anything know that I'm here, *whispers* i never leave.


Oliver and Felicity in the Season 3 First-Look (x)


please someone tell kreisberg that by ‘slow burn’ we didn’t mean ‘set them on fire’

"I still ship Skyeward."
- Chloe Bennet, Captain of the Skyeward ship. (via maevelin)

I remember everything I did. And the worst part is I remember liking it. Because I felt powerful. I felt fearless. And most of all, in control. But when I came through it, I learned something else… Control is overrated.

Q: Let’s talk Allison’s death.
Eaddy: I’m going to answer as Victoria. [x]

We’re not our masks, and we need people in our lives who don’t wear one x


And we need people in our lives that don’t wear one.