laura here ! i never really know what to write in the description but it looks pretty with this theme so here we go. i'm from brazil and on tumblr for like 3 years. this is a multifandom blog (it started as a tvd blog and look where i am now) . i'll post whatever here, mostly about series but i do like to reblog funny stuff , i'm up for anything that appears on my dash! If you would like to talk about anything know that I'm here, *whispers* i never leave.


Felicity, would you like to go out to dinner with me?

Because of the life that I lead, I just think that it’s better to not be with someone that I could really care about.


we’re not our masks. And we need people in our lives who don’t wear one

f e l i c i t y, would you like to go out to dinner with me?


SDCC 2013|2014 - stephen amell regarding olicity.

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It is too bad journals can’t speak up and give advice or support.

The last time that happened the Chamber of Secrets was opened

"“There’s a new gentleman who wants to buy Queen Consolidated [in season 3]. Specifically for their tech division. He figures out pretty soon that there was an IT woman there who was then Oliver’s assistant who seemed to have a bizarre career trajectory at the company so he goes looking for her. And wants her to be a part of the company,” Berlanti hinted."

Queen Consolidated and Ray Palmer - x

he goes looking for her


And wants her to be a part of the company


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