laura here ! i never really know what to write in the description but it looks pretty with this theme so here we go. i'm from brazil and on tumblr for like 3 years. this is a multifandom blog (it started as a tvd blog and look where i am now) . i'll post whatever here, mostly about series but i do like to reblog funny stuff , i'm up for anything that appears on my dash! If you would like to talk about anything know that I'm here, *whispers* i never leave.


Stiles and Dylan are virtually the same person - so adorable


Stiles and Lydia in Stiles room.



It occurred to me when I was rewatching the ep that Stiles knows what it’s like to listen to a family member die because he was there when his mom died and this scene just got even more heartbreaking…


"How terrible it is to love something death can touch."

oh, these voices get so l o u d
but they still can’t drown the sound
of me knowing this is all my fault (x)

+lydia in this scene equals precious cupcake;  


sorry I wasn’t ignoring you I was just watching 7 seasons and 32 episodes of this new show I found


@AnselElgort: What if we only danced when it wasn’t “THE DROP” !?

Niall taking Liam’s goals very seriously +